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Bodybuilder Mark Forest makes his acting debut in GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON, a 1960 adventure fantasy directed by Vittorio Cottafavi. This picture was intended as a Hercules film and was shot as such under the Italian title REVENGE OF HERCULES, but American International Pictures changed the titular character to Emilius/Goliath to tie in with GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS from 1959. The AIP version also includes a stop-motion dragon fight, which shoves our hero into one of the most absurdly entertaining fight scenes in the movie.

GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON begins with Goliath going underground to snatch the Blood Diamond, which he plans on forking over to the god of vengeance. He’s been put up to the task by Eurystheus (Broderick Crawford), who believes the expedition will kill Goliath. With the hero out of the way, Eurystheus plans to attack Thebes and hits up his acquaintances for help. Goliath’s lady Deianira…

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