Paper: Influence in an Age of Rising Connectedness

To Inform is to Influence

Please find a link to a White paper entitled “Influence in an Age of Rising Connectedness.” It is approved for public release. Please forward to others who may be interested in topic. You can download it from

Background: A strong argument can be made that we are moving toward a pluralized, multipolar world, in which military and economic sources of power are widely distributed. Technologies (e.g., the Internet and rapid means of mass migration) are making nation states increasingly more porous, and a resurgence of nationalism and other forms of ethnic or religious identity politics has solidified some states and weakened others. This white paper examines these trends and explores and presents possible implications for how such factors may necessitate an explicit focus upon “influence” rather than “control,” and how influence could exert effects on national, regional, and global levels over the next several decades. It assesses these revolutionary…

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