Eggs contaminated by the insecticide fipronil sparks mass removal and destruction of eggs from grocery shelves in Germany

Peace and Freedom

Aldi has taken further precautionary measures to prevent the sale of eggs tainted by the insecticide fipronil. Millions of contaminated eggs have made it to the market in Germany, according to the agriculture ministry.

Contaminated eggs being destroyed

German supermarket chain Aldi on Friday announced it is pulling all eggs from its stores, taking a step further than its competitors to manage an ever-growing scandal sweeping across Germany.

Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have recalled millions of eggs after authorities discovered two batches marked as 1-NL 4128604 or 1-NL 4286001 contained high levels of fipronil, a highly-toxic insecticide.

The substance can damage the liver, kidneys and thyroid glands if ingested in large amounts, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Read more: Fipronil: What is it and how did it get into our eggs?

Aldi had already recalled eggs within the two batches. However, the company said that it will pull all eggs…

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