Listen Worldwide Online Radio: Colombo Chronicles – Rose Colombo welcomes veteran and well-respected PR, Author, and Hollywood Screenwriter, Michael R. Druxman sharing the Original Hollywood Stories!

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Rose Colombo, Host of Colombo Chronicles Welcomes:

MICHAEL B. DRUXMAN:  A veteran and well-respected Hollywood screenwriter as well as a novelist of four books and the author of 15 published books swirling around Hollywood Movie Stars and the original Hollywood that is unlike the world of Hollywood today.  He shares his latest book, Jackie goes to Dixie, available on and on kindle which may end up on the silver screen as well.  His latest books is described as a “fish-out-of-water” for his main character, Jackie Moss,making it a comedic novel what will have readers smiling from start to finish.  Mr. Druxman shares stores about his experiences as a Public Relations Manager for major movie stars and tips for young people seeking to make it big in Hollywood!  The interview is information – Fun!  Entertaining!  Enjoyable!  Bookmark Colombo Chronicles with award-winning author and Host, Rose Colombo.

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