Donbas militants ‘sentence’ blogger to 14 years for “spreading negative information”

To Inform is to Influence

Nedelyaev seized, 29.11.2016

August 02, 2017 – 15:51

By Halya Coynash. for Human Rights in Ukraine

A so-called military court in the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ [LPR] has sentenced two Ukrainians to huge sentences for what it calls ‘state treason’.  Since the alleged ‘treason’ involved spreading ‘negative information’ on the Internet, it seems likely that one of the two people is Edward Nedelyaev, a prominent Luhansk blogger, seized in November 2016.  The 14- and 12-year sentences come a week after the militants reported a 20-year sentence, also on highly suspect charges.

The LPR website does not name the two people, referring to the man sentenced to 14 years only as N, while the woman is called ‘V’.

The grounds for the sentence on July 28, 2017 against ‘N’ are set out as follows:

“Citizen N, using social media and messengers, circulated negative information about LPR residents, denigrating citizens’ honour and…

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