Class: Upcoming Bellingcat Open Source Investigation Workshop in London (October 2-6)

To Inform is to Influence

August 3, 2017

By bellingcatadmin

Bellingcat is holding its second workshop focusing on open source investigation in London on October 2-6, 2017. The workshop will run from 9:30am to 5pm each day, and will include two breaks with coffee, tea, and snacks provided, and a 45-minute lunch break.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops, and Google Earth Pro (free to download here) should be installed ahead of the workshop. WiFi will be provided at the workshop for all participants.

The workshop will be split into two main sections. The first three days will be dedicated to teaching participants a range of open source investigation skills, with case studies and practical examples focused on topics including conflict, crime, corruption, and fake news. The first two days will focus on investigations of videos and photographic content, and the third day will focus on social media investigation with Henk Van Ess.

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