Bank of England Makes Gloomy Economic Predictions Amid Brexit Uncertainty

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© AFP/File | The Bank of England has cut its forecasts for British growth due to Brexit

LONDON (AFP) –  The Bank of England cut Thursday its forecasts for British growth due to Brexit, as it left interest rates at a record-low 0.25 percent.

The news, which followed a regular monetary policy meeting, sent the pound slumping as policymakers appeared to shift away from raising rates any time soon.

Sterling had already collapsed in value since Britons voted in June 2016 to exit the European Union in a shock referendum.

“Households looked through Brexit-related uncertainties initially, but more recently — as the consequences of sterling’s fall have shown up in the shops and squeezed their real incomes — they have cut back on spending, slowing the economy,” BoE Governor Mark Carney told a press conference Thursday.

“Businesses have been somewhere in between but since the referendum they have invested…

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