American Dream Week is a sham. The American Dream is real.



This is “American Dream Week” in Trumplandia. Go ahead, laugh. We’ll wait. Yes, yes it is the most insipid and ironic theme week announcement yet from Donald Trump’s politically and culturally clueless administration.

When John F. Kennedy dreamed, it was of landing a man on the moon, making great leaps in science for the advancement of all people. In Trump’s world, we have a “science adviser” who scoffs at the 1969 moon landing and refuses to believe climate change is real, much like his boss. “The Apollo moon landings are the biggest fraud in mankind’s history, even worse than all that global warming nonsense,” says newly appointed adviser David Gelernter “In the modern age, we have never been outside the Earth’s magnetic field. With the exception of the alleged 24 human beings who flew lunar flights in the Apollo program during the four-year period spanning 1968 through 1972, all human…

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