All Trump, All Real, News

Life in the Boomer Lane

Many of you may believe that there is no need for a news show devoted to The Long Red Tie, since CNN and MSNBC talk of little else.  What more can possibly be covered, you ask. Not so fast with the assumptions. CNN and MSNBC, as we all now know, are fake news organizations, not to be trusted. Their secret agenda is to bring down Trump and replace him with someone whose brain should not be studied for generations to come.

Their way they do this is to give viewers a one-sided idea of the Trump administration. They report declining poll numbers, bloated nonsensical speeches, Tweets, and quotes, Congressional (in)action, a revolving door of White House staff, and international diplomacy consisting of big, shiny swords and big, shiny parades. According to the White House, they do not report on what matters: the slew of positive things our Bill Signer-in-Chief has…

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