A very modern honey trap: Mia is 30, alluring and looking for love. No wonder middle-aged executives fell for her. There’s just one HUGE problem…

To Inform is to Influence

  • In Mia Ash’s case, her identity had been meticulously constructed over more than a year by an international hacking gang

    Honey-trappers are posing as beautiful women online to talk to vulnerable men

  • In Mia Ash’s situation, the profile was used to steal corporate and strategic plans
  • The internet appears to offer a new level of persuasion to honey-trappers
  • The techniques bear close similarities to those used by spies trawling for secrets

One can understand how he fell for her. Dark-eyed and alluring, with glossy hair worn in a sexy, tousled style, Mia Ash was 30 years old, a well-educated, successful photographer based in London, independent-minded and looking for love.

The middle-aged executive she approached online was captivated.

He, too, had an interest in photography and they fell into regular conversation…

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