Officer, Have a Problem? Check the Literature!

Improving Police

The following comes from the Problem-Oriented Policing Center (POP) and how police, working with community activists, effectively addressed the problem currently facing many cities today (even my hometown of Madison, Wisc.):

“Gun Violence Among Serious Young Offenders.”

For example, Madison has had an significant increase in the number of murders during the past decade.

Before this upswing, the city experienced only a couple of murders each year. Today, reports of gunshots are a nightly occurrence and I am sure raise the stress level of both city residents and police.

This question should be raised community-wide,

“What’s specifically going on? And how can we, as a community working together with our police get this under control?”

Prof. Herman Goldstein, who developed the concept of POP decades ago while teaching at the University of Wisconsin, did much of his early work with Madison police. He reminds us:

“Improvements in policing… will not come about by…

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