Moderates: It’s time to unite under MAP and Old Glory


It’s time to establish the Moderate American Party, or MAP in the short-handed way we traditionally refer to political organizations in our country. Its logo? The American flag; no donkeys or elephants or other animal need be considered to represent this fledgling concept of a serious, thoughtful, legitimate third party.

If the current disruptive and divisive soap opera we’ve seen in Washington during the past few years, starring lawmakers and loudmouths from the two mainstream political ideological parties — Democrats and Republicans — is not enough to convince us we need a third option (if not more), then our democracy will continue to struggle.

We can’t afford to wait for the strategists of either traditional party to recognize the need to move their followers back to the middle of political thought and action. It would take too long, and given the damage Trump and the GOP (Grand Old Party, with…

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