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Wee Ginger Dug

It’s getting more and more difficult to come up with novel and witty descriptions of the many splendoured screw up that is our Conservative government. While the SNP government in Holyrood gets castigated and thrashed in the press for being less than perfect, even when the Scottish public service in question is out-performing its equivalents in England and Wales which are run by the Conservatives and Labour, the Tories in Westminster can’t even aspire to incompetence. There are toddlers in a playgroup smearing face paint all over the furniture who are more capable of painting a picture of the future path of the UK than this shower of self-serving careerists in the cabinet.

First Philip Hammond said that there was agreement on a transitional deal for the UK once it leaves the EU, in order to allow the smooth passage of British goods and services to the rest of the…

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