Badriyah Albeshr’s ‘Thursday’s Visitors’: A New Translation by Sawad Hussain


Saudi novelist Badriyah Albeshr’s Hend and the Soldiers was recently issued, in translation, by University of Texas Press. Although it’s her debut in English, she’s written several others, including the International Prize for Arabic Fiction-longlisted Love Stories on al-Asha Street and Thursday’s Visitors, of which Sawad Hussain has translated a brief excerpt:

By Sawad Hussain

Thursday’s Visitors is a Bildungsroman in which Masha’el, the protagonist, finds herself becoming more and more like her mother, in spite of her best efforts to the contrary; be it from the number of times they each get married to abandoning their children, Masha’el finds herself echoing the same choices that had once irked her. Why and how did she end up here? Will she be able to make sense of her reality through the Thursday get-togethers where women congregate to share their joys and sorrows? Thursday’s Visitors explores the ability to forgive…

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