Seattle’s plan for tax-payer funded “democracy vouchers” to keep big money out of politics hasn’t kept big money out

Fellowship of the Minds

seattle-democracy-voucher Private property owner tax dollars at work In January I told you about Seattle’s voter-approved Initiative 122 which allows the City of Seattle to take money from private property owners and redistribute it to voters in the form of taxpayer-funded campaign-contribution vouchers. The “Honest Elections” measure authorized a 10-year, $30 million property-tax levy to pay for the programclaiming it would “get big money out of politics.”

Approved by city voters in 2015, the Democracy Voucher program sets aside a new pot of property tax money to give four, $25 campaign vouchers to the each of the city’s registered voters. Those voters, in turn, can pick which candidates or candidate get their vouchers taxpayer money. In exchange, participating candidates agree to spending caps.

From my post: Proponent Aaron Ostrom, executive director of the progressive activist organization Fuse Washington, hailed the program’s launch. “This is an exciting…

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