Macron Mistake Part ii


To get at the issue, you have to ask the right question. The EU’s problems are not the same as the UK’s. The EU has been railroaded by federalist fanatics that form the oligarchy at the top.It has become self serving, protectionist and deeply undemocratic. It no longer serves the people it is supposed to and it no longer listens or cares. It derides criticism as “populist” and abuses its power by using propaganda to undermine dissent and covert handouts to news organs to eulogise its “benefits and successes”. It is failing such a large percentage of Europeans that it is in danger of collapse. It is more concerned with its ideology than its purpose. Only since Britain voting to leave has it questioned its direction, it has reached the wrong conclusion, its objectivity neutered by its arrogance and dogma.

Britain IS much more democratic but not…

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