China displays Electronic Warfare Capable Drones

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China displays Electronic Warfare Capable Drones (Photo not representative; Courtesy

I question why the accompanying picture has a prominent “2015” in the background.

The current Chinese year is 4715,Rooster. The Gregorian year is 2017. 

It’s probably a file photo…

</end editorial>

Our Bureau
03:40 PM, July 31, 2017

China has displayed a group of drones that can ‘paralyze and supress’ enemy early-warning and command-communication system at a military parade to mark the 90 anniversary of the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA).

Global Times quoting Wu Yafei, head of the ‘electronic confrontation’ formation at the parade said that among the many armaments that were on parade at the Zhurihe military training base yesterday, there were 16 items of the PLA’s latest electronic warfare equipment that can disrupt enemy radar and communication in air defense and field battles.

In addition to the drone swarm, the Y-8 electronic attack aircraft which can jam electronic…

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