How to Recognize and Avoid Brainwashing

Parental Alienation

Understand that those who attempt to brainwash others tend to prey upon the weak and vulnerable. Not everyone is a target for mind control, but certain people are more susceptible to forms of it at different times. A skillful manipulator knows what to look for and targets people who are going through a difficult period in their life or a change that may or may not be of their own making. Possible candidates include:

  • People who have lost their jobs and fear for their future.
  • Recently divorced people, particularly when the divorce was a bitter one.[3]
  • Those suffering from lingering illness, especially one they don’t understand.
  • People who have lost a loved one, particularly if they were very close to that person and had few other friends.
  • Young people away from home for the first time. These are particular favorites of religious cult leaders.[4]
  • One particular predatory tactic…

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