Fewer EU Citizens Seek Work in U.K. — Brexit Cited — Brexit also prompts skilled European workers to leave the UK

Peace and Freedom

Some industries concerned that labor shortages could crimp expansion plans and slow economy

July 31, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

FLITWICK, England—Neil Goldman, who employs workers from across the European Union’s in his food-packaging business, blames the U.K.’s Brexit vote last year for making vacancies harder to fill.

Britain has for years been a magnet for European job seekers drawn by decent wages, the English language, and plentiful openings in the country’s easy-to-hire economy. That attraction now appears to be waning as a consequence of its vote to…

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Financial Times

Brexit prompts skilled European workers to leave the UK

Number of EU nationals looking for work in Britain also falling

Image result for EU and British flag at Big Ben, photos

Marcin Czyza, a Polish carbon credits trader, found himself in a new kind of business after the UK’s vote last year to leave the EU — helping relocate…

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