A sense of perspective

Wee Ginger Dug

There are some people who want to spend their time obsessing over how nasty a certain independence blogger has been on Twitter. They’d prefer to vilify anyone who has dared to point out that the nasty thing he said was not nasty in the way they’d like it to be nasty. They’re obsessed with getting outraged on someone else’s behalf – and the someone else in this instance is a Tory MP and his MSP son. They’re attacking the couple of traditional print media outlets that we have, The National and iScot magazine, for their lack of ideological purity. They’re telling one and all that everyone who isn’t right on enough for their liking is causing a schism in the independence movement. Meanwhile there’s a case for independence that’s not being made and the only people who are benefiting from the entire episode are the Unionists.

Sometimes things need restating…

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