How surgery makes a fake vagina for MtF ‘transgenders’

Fellowship of the Minds

Have you wondered just what “gender reassignment” surgeons do to “create” a fake vagina for a severely mentally-ill man who imagines he’s really a she?

This video shows how.

In other words, the fake vagina is actually the man’s gouged-out penis that’s stuffed inside a surgically-contrived cavity or wound in the man’s pelvis.

Even worse, after surgery, the fake vagina has to be dilated with a dildo, or it would seal up.


Because the so-called “vagina” is actually a wound.

That’s how mentally ill “transgenders” are, and how without moral scruples surgeons who do “sex reassignment” surgeries are. For the plain truth is that no amount of “reassignment” surgery can change a person’s gender. That is determined by your DNA, specifically your sex chromosomes: females have XX chromosomes; males have XY chromosomes.

In a sane society, instead of getting paid mega-bucks, those surgeons would be arrested for…

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