End of the EU? Wave of populism takes over bloc as Austria and Italy prepare for elections



Mixed race and British proud
The EU is just another mad Marxist project that looks like it is going end in the usual death of tens of millions, those tens of millions being us. Marxism is an evil and very persistent social virus that after it has struck a nation, kills millions and is thrown off, then lies dormant in the political soil until new generations are born and do recognise it, and it infects them in another mutated form. The current form of Marxism is disguised in the name of “Liberalism”. It is the story of fairy tales, “Rob the evil rich ad give to the poor” Only it usually turns out, they rob the rich, kill the poor in their millions, then when the roof crashes, they rifle the government coffers and flee to the nearest capitalist country and buy foot ball clubs. Then after another episode…

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