Twisted Tories: Philip Hammond – (Also A Public Servant) is handsomely paid by the Tax Payer, enjoys a generous Expenses System but says strapped NHS Staff, who even have to pay to park their cars while at work, are overpaid


”Chancellor Philip Hammond calls nurses and cops ‘overpaid’ while raking in £10k a month renting property”

Not only Generous Salary & Expenses – Grace and favour house 2 – Dorneywood in the Buckinghamshire countryside

”Mr Hammond refused to comment on the home he is renting out.”

Why is the Tax Payer paying Hammond so much when he is able to self fund via his investment portfolio?

Seventy doctors and nurses ordered to pay £68,000 for hospital parking tickets after losing legal battle

Breadline Salaries & Parking Tickets are OK for NHS Workers but Phil Hammond doesn’t have to worry about stuff like that does he!

The people that actually make the hospital function…they shouldn’t have to pay.  Or a deal whereby they pay a small ”flat rate.”

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