Less Parenting Time Than Other Parent Proposed Affirmed in Williamson County, TN Visitation Dispute: Kennedy v. Kennedy

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Shortly after the parties’ divorce, Father was designated the primary residential parent of Child and Mother received 125 days of parenting time.

Two years later, Father petitioned to modify the schedule to reduce Mother’s parenting time to 80 days. He alleged that Mother was failing to exercise her parenting time as ordered.

Mother admitted she did not exercise all of her parenting time in the past, but complained that Father scheduled activities during her parenting time. She also chose not to enforce her parenting time on occasions when Child did not want to visit with her.

After three years of what the Court describes as “extensive and acrimonious litigation,” the case was finally tried.

Father testified that Mother had been exercising 125 days of parenting time for a little over a year, and he believed 125 days was appropriate.

Child, who was 17 years old at the…

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