New Arab and Arabic Zines, ComicCons, Comix Festivals, and Submission Calls

Arabic Literature (in English)

As usual, there is much going in the Arab and Arabophone comix world:

In Beirut, a new graphic novel collective, Zeez, launched their first titles last month:

Sharing the common theme of the street, each of these 6 mini-comics was written, drawn and silkscreened by a different artist from the Zeez collective. The end result is a collection of diverse and personal works, 6 unique one color mini comics, each available in limited editions.

Meanwhile, from Morocco, a new zine called Halal was in the works:

HALAL is a zine project that provide a free space of self-expression to the Arab World’s youth. We would like to create a place in which young Arab people could live their enjoyment beyond censorship.

In addition to a submissions call in Arabic, French, and English, “HALAL welcomes people from Turkey and Iran as well! You can also send submissions in Turkish and…

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