Grenfell Tower fire: Angry residents shout ‘arrest someone’ as they heckle council on month anniversary of tragedy


Stephen Ward
I know it must be difficult but try harder to understand. Social housing has rules about occupancy to cut down the risk of fire. Over occupancy of any building puts extra strain on the wiring in a building and on utilities within it. This causes fires and is easy to find this information by a quick google search. Which I know you will not undertake because you seem to like your own ignorance.

Why is there so much mass hysteria, why are there so many unrelated and unofficial organisations involved? Where were they before this tragedy? It would appear that there are many untrustworthy people with axes to grind, rather than considering the immediate needs of the victims and their families. They are using this tragedy as a pretext to ferment trouble. Calm must be restored and the authorities allowed to get on with…

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