Parental Alienation – It’s Real – It’s Child Abuse

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Is Parental Alienation real? We know that lawyers, judges, court affiliated psychologists, and parents who commit psychological abuse toward children all typically say that Parental Alienation (PA) is not real, it’s a hoax, or it’s what “child abusers” say to try and win custody.  The problem with that is… well… everything.

Everyone knows that during a break-up, it is quite common for people to begin badmouthing, name-calling, and telling their friends all of the ins-and-outs of their broken relationship.  This is as typical for adults as it is with teenagers. And to deny the fact that parents brainwash their children and attempt to destroy parent-child relationships is not only naïve, it is dangerous.

We live in a self-serving world where telling lies, twisting the truth, and talking bad about others to make ourselves look good has sadly become too common.  Child abuse, mental illness, drug addiction, murder, and suicide…

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