First Lady Melania Trump Made President Donald J. Trump and all Americans Proud When She Spoke to the Citizens in Warsaw – Uprising Moment in Poland who cheered, “Trump! USA, USA!”

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he majority of Americans voted for President Donald J. Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump because they were sick and tired of listening to Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro apologizing for America and Americans.  The fake news is fake and the majority of Americans support President and First Lady Trump. 

The real news is that  Americans will probably never consider a Democrat for President of the USA for decades after the lies, corruption, Conflicts  of Interest, and what I coined, “Political Nepotism,” Breach of National Security, Breach of National Security Trust, and alleged Espionage and alleged selling out America and infiltrating America with foreign enemy radicals under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” but not true, either.

Americans are proud of President Donald J. Trump’s Reagan-like Speech that uplifted America, Poland, and all Free Nations of the World to come together as civilized nations and fight back against Islamic Terrorism and the invaders…

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