Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada!

I was wondering if any one would be interested in a class action law suit against the government of Canada. Men and fathers rights are being denied and violated under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Women have the right to abortion. The right to choose. The right to control their bodies and futures. Men and fathers have no such rights. Despite the Charter guaranteeing ALL Canadians equal rights. NO men do not wish to dictate to women any more than men want women to dictate to them. When and with whom men should become parents. Men should have the right to opt out of a pregnancy with the same time constraints as women.

Any arguments used to deny men were tried with women and failed. Birth control arguments included. Abstinence included. YES it IS men’s bodies. Men’s futures which include their bodies. This is a clear violation of men’s Charter Rights. It is also deliberate. I have written many registered letters to Two prime ministers, two justice ministers( who claim it’s not their responsibility), all nine supreme court judges, maintenance enforcement director, Chris Warkentin my local MP ( Grande Prairie AB.) I submit a hate crime based solely upon gender. Men are persecuted, prosecuted, hunted down by government agents and agencies.

Men’s wealth is stolen under the guise of garnishee and the best interest of the child. Men’s licenses are revoked if they fail or refuse to comply. This obstructs men’s ability to gain employment to maintain employment. It’s black mail, extortion. Some have even compared it to the treatment of the Jews in 1939 Germany. In some countries men are incarcerated. All this directly affects men’s health. Specifically their mental health. Many commit suicide.

Self medicate or other destructive behaviors. Trudeau and his liberals campaigned on equality. He has apologized to many for the mistakes of the past.  MORE


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