The lolly box



I was prompted to draw a comic about T1 diabetes after reading this one on the Nib.  I got really excited, seeing diabetes described, because it’s one of those unglamorous chronic conditions overshadowed by its cousin, T2 diabetes, that is still not really understood by the general public. It’s so nice to see something so particular to your experience articulated by someone else. I was also outraged on behalf of the American people, who are having their Affordable Care Act revoked. It seems so cruel to punish people who have have so much to deal with already. Diabetes medication is so expensive, thanks to the extensive R&D that goes into it, and the corporate stranglehold on the market. I wish there could be free healthcare for all, and it’s in people’s best interests to keep diabetics healthy because treating the complications is even more expensive. It’s heartbreaking to think that

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