East Angrier: ”Britons voted to leave the EU over a year ago & many are aggravated that it has taken this long to begin divorce negotiations.”


East Angrier: Norfolk ranters on Brexit, dog poo and ‘mum’s driving’

Norfolk Now
Published on Jul 5, 2017

brexit as this chap says was not what we voted for !the ballot paper said “LEAVE”or “REMAIN” no where on that ballot sheet was the name brexit appearing !
brexit, was invented by a chap called peter wilding, founder and director of the influential think tank, and campaigned to keep the uk in the eu! so a pro remainer invented this word so that it could be used against the peoples vote, by diluting the word leave!  you cannot have a soft, hard leave! but you can manipulate a brexit leave ie soft brexit hard brexit! he even has the audacity to say “it certainly gives one the moral authority to say what it means! ” here with the help of the establishment is why brexit is used instead…

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