Mark Pincus: Child Exploitation, Lady Gaga, & Human Trafficking


Melissa Honeybee Zacharia

Published on Mar 29, 2017
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Call your Local Police and Local FBI Field Office

Blue Diamond
Mark Pincus,, in association with CISCO. CISCO was dropped in the Vault 7 Wikileaks as being used by the CIA, Zero day exploit. Of course CISCO, just like Microsoft and Google, claim, when they were caught via Snowden, “O, we did not know nuttin” which is a lie. The CIA and the FBI have all of the pedos in their trap, and are blackmailing some, jailing others, and MK Ultra others. For crying out loud, they have lost this technology, that can even crash airliners and cars, and no one says nothing. Why? because they are all being blackmailed and are terrified of dying.

Pincus connected to Podesta via email – oh my 

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