1600 New Tech Coal Fired Power Plants Planned For Construction – Everywhere But Here

PA Pundits - International

By Anton Lang ~

Three days ago, The NYT ran an article about how China is constructing new coal fired power plants in many other Countries around the World, on top of all the new plants they have been constructing in their own Country. This is the link to that article.

Those new coal fired power plants are the new technology UltraSuperCritical (USC) High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) coal fired power plants. Those new tech coal fired plants burn less coal (a helluva lot less coal) per unit of generated electricity than any of the earlier technology plants, and over the nine years I have been contributing at this site, I have posted a number of articles about these new coal fired power plants, and I have also posted them at other sites as well, and this is the link to just one of those Posts from April of…

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