UK Government warned about the ”serious consequences” of extreme internet surveillance plans


Clueless government IT advisors strike again.

Regulation is virtually impossible for a thousand reasons.

It’s no surprise that EVERY government run IT project is a massive costly failure. Look at the failed £15 billion National Programme for IT which delivered absolutely nothing of value other than a pointless ‘choose and book’ system which is not even mandatory for health care providers to use.

The government need to employ the brightest IT staff available to make the right decisions and not use expensive consultancies fronted by account managers lining their own company pockets.

And how is she planning to regulate the open source movement?

once she will understand what this even means, together with deepweb, darkweb, TOR, VPNs and similar little helpers, she will most likely assign BoJo for the task of coming up with a feasible solution :-D. he will redirect 350 mio per week into…

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