This is how to change the subject…

Fellowship of the Minds

Donald Trump won the election by being a fighter

President Trump Body Slams CNN In Shock Video

Last night, after an afternoon of being body slammed by big waves at our favorite beach…

…I turned on the TV. For some reason it was on enemy news (CNN). The screen came up with six squares holding six journalist’s faces. They were speaking rapidly, in high pitched (for men) whiney tones, clearly distressed. It looked like the opening screen for The Brady Bunch, but all the beloved faces were replaced by nasty, self-important girly men.

I had no idea what this was about, and went out to the deck to enjoy the late afternoon light and color with Mrs. Dust. It wasn’t until an hour later that we stumbled onto the reason for all the feathers in the air on CNN.

Admittedly, this post is completely gratuitous. But I don’t mind. After…

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