Prenuptial Agreement Invalidated in Roane County, TN Divorce: Grubb v. Grubb

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Facts: Two years after Husband, 40, met Wife, 18, at the dry cleaners, they married.

Shortly after the relationship began, Wife moved in with Husband and stopped working at the dry cleaners. Husband, the owner of a rent-two-own business, provided for them both, and Wife soon became financially dependent on Husband.

Two days before the parties were to leave to go on vacation and get married, Husband took Wife to his lawyer to sign a prenuptial agreement. Wife was informed that the lawyer was not her attorney and that she could get independent legal advice if she wished to do so, something she never did.

After Wife met with Husband’s lawyer for 30-45 minutes while he explained the prenuptial agreement to her, the parties signed it. Notably, the agreement prohibited an award of alimony to either party, defined marital and separate property, and provided that Wife would receive $100,000…

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