Springtime For The Donald — The Wall


IMG_0419EDITOR’S NOTE: Part two of a five-part series examining the ease with which all that we hold dear can be hijacked and turned against us in the blink of an eye. Today, we look at the president’s, shall we say, “casual” relationship with the truth and how he weaponized his storytelling to catapult himself into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

* * *

Act Two: If You Tell Them A Lie,
Tell Them a Big One!

Since the election of President Donald Trump, there have been so many lies and half-truths that it would be virtually impossible to count them all. In fact, Trump’s commitment to lying was similar to the relationship with relentless personal fouls that the Broadway Bully New York Knicks had in the ’90s. It appeared Trump expected that if you tell one every few minutes, not only can you not stop them all, but a few might actually stick.

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