[La1] Lambeth – Clough Report, Harris report and South Vale Assessment Centre Report

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I am very grateful that Lambeth Council has now released 3 more reports under FOI

My thanks to Daedalus, Operation Greenlight, tech wizard, who has made them searchable. The searchable versions are available on the following links

1993 Clough Report redacted searchable [2]

1994 Harris Report redacted searchable [3]

1990 The Enquiry into South Vale Assessment Centre Report redacted searchable [4]

The reports are made searchable by machine reading software so take care to check original for definitive wordings. Authorities really should release searchable documents but most do not as yet.

No doubt the searchable reports will soon be available on Daedalus’s Operation Greenlight The Brain Lambeth [6]

I have only glanced at the reports and the only comment I will make at this stage is that the Clough Report appears to be about Michael John Carroll.

If you have any comments please write below, there is an anonymous option.

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