Chuka Umunna’s Brexit rebellion backfired and only served to isolate his anti-Corbyn faction


We are living in a time of political and economic crisis. In a crisis our leaders need to find solutions and to do this they need ideas and ideology. Corbyn and the left have this.

Chuka unfortunately doesn’t seem to have one. He is a Blairite relic trying to straddle the middle ground, trying to please everyone. On the one hand he wants us to stay in the single market in order to protect human rights but at the same time adopts a tory-lite business friendly agenda. Surely he needs to join the lib-dems and fight to get a 2nd referendum? He has nothing left to offer labour.

Chuka is an elitist who is known to have said that normal working-class people were ‘trash’. The irony being that he will end up is the dustbin of history.

Septimus Plantpot
The point, my dear Eddie, is that Chuka…

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