Australia: Foreign courts ‘too soft’ on parents who abduct children from Australia, former Family Court judge says

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PARENTS who abduct their children are more likely to win a reprieve if their case is decided in a foreign country, a loophole being blamed on weak international laws that have been “watered down” over time.

That’s the view of former Family Court judge Nahum Mushin, who says Australian judges should be the ultimate arbitrators during tug-of-love cases involving Australian kids.

“The parent who removes the child is advantaged in a foreign country,” Mr Mushin said.

When Parliament returns from winter break, the Senate is expected to pass a new law to crack down on international parental child abduction, which is not currently a crime. The proposed law will carry a prison term of up to three years for parents who abscond with their children for longer than agreed.

Former Family Court judge Nahum Mushin says Australian judges should decide on ‘tug-of-love’ cases involving Australian kids taken overseas. Picture:…

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