1989 SSI Greenwich Review of Residential Child Care

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Department of Health has released a 56 page Report  – 1989 Social Services Inspectorate London Borough of Greenwich Review of Residential Child Care Section  [2b]

Thanks to Daedulus again who has made this searchable [6]

[As this depends on automatic reading software, read the original when definitive wording is needed]

Guardian article 1990 Mar 7 Guardian Melanie Klein House: Victims of a divided home[3] appears to attribute quotes to a 1989 Report which are not in the one provided eg ‘putting staff and girls at risk of being emotionally and physically damaged’ and ‘becoming untenable’.

I have therefore asked for other reports, but would appreciate if anyone knows the date and year of a report into Melanie Klein Home to let me know

I have as yet only skimmed this review. It needs people to read it, study it, repost it, summarise it, make a timeline, put…

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