Oliver Stone Tells Ron Paul: Edward Snowden Is The “Most American Of Patriots” (Video Interview)

“And of course, it’s so ironic that he the most American of patriots is living in Moscow because he has to. It’s the only country in the world that would give him asylum –  in other words it’s the only country in the word that can deny the US what it wants which is Snowden.”….

from Zero Hedge: 

Director Oliver Stone, who’s recently released series “The Putin Interviews” stirred up controversy among liberals who accused him of being a Russian propagandist, appeared on the Liberty Report with former Texas Congressman Ron Paul to discuss the documentary, his views about former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and why the US’s aggressive approach to containing the purported threat posed by Russia has led to a breakdown in relations between the two powers.

Stone said he’s been “interested” in Russia since being raised as a conservative in New York City, claiming that his…

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