[La2] Clough Report, Lambeth – Michael John Carroll

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have skimmed through the Clough Report [6] in slightly more detail.

There is a mass of information – details, dates places, actions about Michael John Carroll albeit his name redacted.

Mentioned are

  • Highland Rd Childrens Home
  • Angell Road Childrens Home
  • Nottingham Rd Childrens home
  • St Edmonds Home, Merseyside

There are connections to Croydon, Wandsworth, Lambeth and Merseyside

He applied for fostering.

He had a criminal record in Merseyside.

Lambeth Social Services Department made available its response to the Warner Committee Report “Choosing to Care”. [What is it?]

If we are to expose the truth about what child sexual abuse went on, these reports need studying, summarising, putting into context and the most useful  enhanced timelines made for the information in each one. This makes the information accessible to more people in an easy form.

This is something that can be done without the need to rely on authorities, on…

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