High-ranking Confederate prisoner at Alton was exchanged for Gettysburg hero

Peace and Freedom

By Tom Emery – For the Telegraph

Union Gen. John Reynolds

For the Telegraph

Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman

For the Telegraph

ALTON — This weekend marks the anniversary of the 1863 battle of Gettysburg, the most famous of the Civil War. Alton played an indirect role in one of the key moments of the three-day fight.The highest-ranking Confederate officer held at the Alton Civil War prison, Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, was exchanged for Union Gen. John Reynolds in August 1862. A highly regarded corps commander and major general, Reynolds was killed in the first day’s action at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.

“Reynolds was one of the most highly regarded generals in the Army of the Potomac,” said John Heiser, a historian at Gettysburg National Military Park. “When he was killed, it sent shock waves through the entire army.”

A career Army officer, Reynolds, who was born only 40 miles…

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