Reporter’s notebook: Pennsylvania rep finds new way to get Trump’s interest


— Photo by J. Scott Applewhate, Associated Press, and painting by Wingard.

The names, faces and events that happened while we were distracted by Donald Trump’s disgusting and weird remarks about a female cable news network anchor.

Want to bet Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for this?

reports portraits of Donald and Melania Trump were wandering around Capitol Hill last week looking for a home. Lost. After being sighted near the office of Vice President Mike Pence, who declined ownership, they arrived at the office of Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, who confirmed the artist, Barry Wingard, is a constituent.

“This is a person taking their talent and their time to show their appreciation,” Kelly said, adding that Wingard was “very humble.” Wingard personally drove the paintings five hours to Washington. Three other paintings are commissioned.

The paintings of Melania and Donald appear to have been based on Associated Press…

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