How State Sponsored Terror Has Moved to Cyberspace

You don’t need to look far to see how state-sponsored terror has entered cyberspace. While the media has no shortage of tragic incidents to scare people with, weaving fear online with government backing is far more efficient. Syria is a perfect example of mental terrorism designed to sell an agenda to people otherwise uninterested in a distant country’s politics. By creating a boogie-man out of another nation’s leader by spreading propaganda through news outlets, social media, and general disinformation, Assad (Syria’s president) becomes the new Saddam Hussein that must be stopped at all costs.

by Carla White, for The International Reporter: 

There are many reasons the government has moved their operations online. As you’ll see, it’s both because we’ve moved our interests there and because private entities go out of their way to make sure fictitious stories line every news page.

The Social Media Generation

What makes this generation unique…

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