Everything you need to know about whether MPs will vote down the Queen’s Speech — People are asking when, not if, she’ll step down

Peace and Freedom

Theresa MayREUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

  • Parliament to vote on whether to approve or reject the Queen’s Speech.
  • May set to get her legislative programme passed with the help of the DUP.
  • The Commons will also vote on a number of major amendments tabled by opposition MPs.
  • Goverment fears it could lose vote on amendment calling for Northern Irish women being allowed abortions in England and Wales. 

LONDON — Theresa May will today face a major test of her fragile parliamentary authority when MPs in the House of Commons vote on whether to pass the Queen’s Speech.

Prime Minister May announced the details of her legislative programme last week and on Thursday afternoon MPs from all parties will decide to either approve it or vote it down.

On Wednesday, the Conservatives, with the help of the DUP, defeated an amendment tabled by the Labour Party calling for an end both to cuts…

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