Colombo Chronicles Live! Rose Colombo’s guest, Dan Pilla, Author and Tax Expert: Do Taxpayer’s Have Rights?Listen Taped Live Worldwide on Blog Talk Radio Network/6/29/2017

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Dan Pilla and his parents experienced the IRS shutting the doors on his dad’s business and were about to foreclose on their family home.  Dan an 18-year-old young man did what most people wouldn’t do.  He decided to fight back and study the law books and took the IRS to court and won!  Since that time, Dan Pill has written 15 books about taxes and the IRS and the Rights of the Taxpayers.  You will learn a lot and how to contact Dan Pilla and buy his books.

Follow and Share Colombo Chronicles Live! at blog talk radio every Wednesday, 8:00 to 9:00 pm pst and 11:00 to midnight on the east coast and check your time wherever you are at in the world and listen live.  All shows are archived so you can listen and share with your friends family, and social media so you can tune in at…

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