Review: JASON BOURNE (2016)

Canadian Cinephile

JASON BOURNE is an action movie without the smirking eagerness of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise and an espionage movie without the jolting charm of the Bond pictures. It is well-crafted from a technical standpoint, with director Paul Greengrass and cinematographer Barry Ackroyd keeping things in a constant state of motion. And it doesn’t overreach, which is a point undermined by the fact that it doesn’t really reach at all. The dialogue isn’t so much comprised of meaning but instructions and expository observations, with characters telling the audience where so-and-so is and what so-and-so is going to do next and when so-and-so will arrive at such-and-such a place.

The most notable so-and-so is obviously the titular character, played by Matt Damon. The former superspy is in hiding, but his former Treadstone contact Nicky (Julia Stiles) tracks him down to reveal the findings of a hacker group. The activity has…

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