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– The extraordinary everyday!

– Fluid arts

Video magazine

– Is it possible to integrate the erotic, the intellectual and the political in a spiritual formation group??!!

– Whenever you find something worthwhile, save & share it.

– The courage of hopelessness/tragedy


The cowardice of despair/resignation

Comedy is nothing but tragedy without an end……!

– Solitude + idleness + imagination = enlightenment!

– daft






GIF slideshow


– Fuck the System:

This present order/evil age

My daily rhythm/rule

Ministry plans

They’re ALL the SAME! 😡

What do you think lies behind/beneath these world structures/flesh drives??

O O O, Satan……….


– Asexual cuddling

Psychological nakedness

Spiritual friendship

Aesthetic intimacy

Intellectual partnership

Ethical conversation

Vocational support

– “I am available for anyone (student or faculty, male or female, young or old) who wants a trustworthy confidant, or is looking for a spiritual friend/conversation partner.

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